Sunday, August 17, 2008

You Are So Beautiful, To Me

Oh my goodness, I have finally reached Chocolate Chip Cookie (CCC) Nirvana, and oh how beautiful it is. I think it is a common goal of every baker to find their perfect CCC recipe. For some it is the Toll House recipe, and for others it is a recipe passed down from generation to generation. I was fairly happy with the Toll House recipe, but it wasn't giving me what I wanted. I wanted a big thick cookie that looked beautiful on the outside, but perfectly soft and chewy on the inside. Most importantly, I wanted crispy, but not burnt edges. I figured that just wasn't going to ever happen, so I settled with the old faithful Toll House.

Things change though. Change they did after I found myself browsing Amy's blog South in Your Mouth and I saw that she did a CCC comparison between two recipes, one from David Lebovitz and the other from Jacques Torres. Judging from Amy's pictures, I knew that Jacque's cookies were destined to be mine. I followed the recipe very closely, and despite the protests of my tastebuds and my chocolate cravings, I refrigerated the dough for a full 36 hours.

How did it all end? Like I said earlier, this is Nirvana. The second I took them out of the oven I started dancing around and singing "You are so beautiful, to me! Can't you see? You're everything I hoped for, you're everything I need!" You know how it goes. They looked perfect, but how did they hold up in the taste tests? Glenn says to me, after I stopped staring at him, anticipating his first bite, "It's like you made these in heaven and brought them down here to me." Ahhh, I couldn't be happier, or could I? After the obligatory photo shoot with these beauties, I sat down with a glass of milk, a plate of cookies, and an open mind. My mind was officially blown. Perfectly sweet, chewy, just enough chocolate, and yes, crispy edges. There you have it. I have found my perfect CCC. The search has ended, well, at least until someone tells me there is something better out there. Thank you Amy for inspiring me with your lovely pictures, and thank you Mr. Torres for creating the most unbelievable CCC's I have ever devoured.


Amy said...

Ohhhh! I'm so glad you loved these as much as I did!!!

Anonymous said...

I made these this past weekend too. My husband, who usually only really raves about boxed stuff, took a bite, looked at me with big eyes and said, mouth full of cookie, "These are really good."

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