Saturday, August 9, 2008

Million Dollar Cupcakes

Okay, so maybe they didn't cost a million dollars to make, and I am not selling them for a million dollars, but these were some pretty expensive cupcakes. These lovelies are called Irish Car Bomb cupcakes. For those of you who don't know what an ICB is, it is a glass of Guiness that gets a shot of Bailey's and Jameson bombed into it. You have to drink it really fast before it starts to curdle. Sounds fun right? Well, I have never had one, but it was Glenn's favorite drink back in his "drinking days" and he just loved it.

I was just browsing the internet the other day when I came across this recipe and I mentioned it to Glenn. He got this smile on his face and he just said yum. Since we were going to go out to a friend's house to have dinner and I was assigned to make dessert, Glenn suggested I make these cupcakes. Needless to say, in a non-drinking home, we didn't have any of the booze on hand. We went out to the grocery store and bought a bottle of Jameson for about 30 bucks, a bottle of Guiness for about 2 bucks, and a bottle of Bailey's for another 20 bucks or so. Sheesh! I seriously cannot believe that I spent that much money to make cupcakes. At least I will have plenty more when I want to make these again. It's strange how much alcohol I have accumulated for baking purposes only.

I'll be honest, and say I was a bit skeptical when making these, but they turned out so beautifully! When I filled the cups 2/3 full, they baked up with perfect round domes on top that didn't sink in after cooling. They were nice and moist and the frosting was delicious. I also added some milk to my frosting and improvised the amounts of Jameson and Bailey's according to our tastes. I suggest you tailor it to your tastes rather than follow the ambiguous directions. If you are in need of a drunken cupcakes, I really suggest you give these babies a shot, you won't be sorry.


Shandy said...

Bri, the cupcakes look delicious but what a combination of alcohol flavors. My hubby thinks I should give them a try =).

Amy said...

Oh my gosh! I'm totally trying these. Irish Car Bombs are my favorite! They look delicious!

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