Thursday, August 28, 2008

As if One Weren't Enough

I have this blog, XplicitSweetness where I post my baking exploits along with Tuesdays With Dorie and The Daring Bakers. Then I decided to add The Drunken Cupcake to my repertoire. I plan on actually publishing a cookbook about drunken cupcakes, and the site is really just an organizer for me. Anyway, Glenn decided it would be fun to create yet another blog, Baseball Cupcakes. It's a cute idea I have to admit. He's been doing the recipe researching and I have been doing the baking. We're big baseball fans, and it's just another fun thing to do. Anyway, check out my new site(s). They're kinda fun and you might get a tasty recipe to try out of it.


Kirstynn Evans said...

This was a fun challenge. I should have used my own glaze, becuase yes, it was impractical. I am sure that peanut butter was yummy though!

Michelle Dargen said...

Don't forget the Colorado Rockies. :) You could decorate them with rock candy and use Coors for the cake! LOL

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