Monday, August 25, 2008

TWD: Chocolate Banded Ice Cream Torte

Once again, I am totally slacking in regards to TWD. I am barely pulling all this together at the last minute. Next week I swear I will have my post by Tuesday, 12:01 AM. It's not that I don't want to do the recipes, because I want to do every last one. It's just that somehow, ever since I started my new job, my time at home disappears. I am completely clueless as to how this happens though because I don't bring any work home. I'm a counseling secretary at a high school, there is not much to stress about yet (at least until testing comes around) and I don't have any stuff that I could bring home even if I wanted to. I'm baking at the same pace that I always do, but still, my time disappears too quickly and I end up being late for TWD. Oh well, I'm still getting it done.

Anyway, this week's recipe chosen by Amy of Food, Family, and Fun. I had to beg Glenn to let me buy the optional Chambord for this recipe. I LOVE raspberries and I just started dreaming up all the ways that I could use the Chambord in my baking. The stuff smells amazing by the way. Once I got down to it and read the recipe I was a bit weirded out. The eggs. This isn't getting baked at all mind you. I'm also not one to balk at the idea of eating raw eggs in wonderful creations like cookie dough, but the eggs in this recipe just seemed so weird to me. Who am I to doubt Dorie though so I forged ahead despite my doubts. You can see what I am talking about by heading over to Amy's blog to see the recipe.

In the end, I found this process to be easy but a little on the time consuming side, but what do you really expect when you make something frozen? I enjoyed this because it combines two of the best things, raspberries and chocolate, and it's frozen. It's hard to not like something frozen when you live in 115 degree daily weather in Arizona. Yes, woe is me. In any event, I think this would make a great party dessert. It looks rather impressive and it is simple and yummy. Long story short though, I have no pictures for now. I really don't want to mess it up and since it is getting a little on the later side, I am going to wait until it is completely frozen tomorrow and cut it then. I promise it's done though! Just sitting amongst the frozen veggies in my freezer. This week's TWD in one word: cold


n.o.e said...

You will be glad you waited to photograph it; it's so much more cooperative once it freezes through! Good job with the raspberry, and you will no doubt find lots of uses for the liqueur.

Jules Someone said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Chambord. Mmmmm.

Judy said...

When I went to the liquor store the Chambord was $35 for a bottle - I only need a few tablespoons! I ended of with cream de cassis. Your torte looks great.

Maya said...

You made it!I skipped this week - all that freezing and waiting was too much for me this week.

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