Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Group Creation Update

Okay, well I have a couple of votes for anything and everything PB & C, but I worry that may get limiting. To accommodate my love of PB & C, and many others, we could do one post a month that has to do with PB & C and then another post that is any other type of sweets, but no limitations, just sweets. Another idea that came up, from Glenn, is that we can discuss/vote on a specific cookbook to work out of, and follow along the guidelines of TWD.

It seems like the guidelines for the group would be like this so far:
- 2 posts a month, one being PB & C, the other being anything else sweet
- completed posts will be made on a specific day agreed upon by the group (probably not Tuesday)
- recipes can come from anywhere ( or from a specific cookbook should we so decide)
- at least one post must be made a month (except for special circumstances etc...)

I suppose a vote should be taken via comments. If doing one PB & C post a month along with another post on a different type of sweet sounds good to you, say so. If you like the idea of just working through a specific cookbook, respond accordingly. Or, if you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. Any combination of these could work as well, but I think two posts a month would be ideal.

Finally, what on earth should this group be called? I'm in full-on blank brain mode and cannot think of anything. Also, if there is any person who is very active in their blogging and would like to help me found this, make sure you let me know and I will set it up so that person can help me maintain and moderate the blog once we get it running. Fingers crossed and we should get this together soon!

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