Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm Getting Published!

I WON!!!!!! Yay. It was really exciting. There were about ten or so entries into the contest, a few of which looked very good and/or interesting. There were three judges, City Councilman Mike Nowakowski, Sweet Pea Bakery owner Danielle Librera, and Monica of MacAlpines.

They said my combination of flavors were really interesting and that they worked very well together. I got lots of compliments and congratulations that night. I also won a $3o gift certificate to MacAlpines restaurant as well as my picture taken with the lovely judges and my recipe is going to be published in the Coronado Dispatch magazine. How exciting!

It was doubly nice because my mom and dad decided to show up to support me. Even cooler that they got to see me win! Anyway, I am just being self-congratulatory here, so humor me.

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Two Tiemans said...

congrats BRI! of course you won, you are one talented baking woman!! By the way, I LOVE the name for your future bakery, can't wait to be the first in line!!!

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