Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cupcakes in California (Pt. 2 of 3)

For our next round of cupcakes we stopped along Ventura Boulevard in Studio City. This time we passed right by our intended destination. After parking and a short walk back from where we came from, we nearly missed our destination again. Finally we open the door to the itty bitty Big Sugar Bakeshop. The decor of this place was adorable and I absolutely loved it in that aspect. They had all sorts of goodies for sale including cookbooks, aprons, and other assorted gifts related to baked goods. The selection however was not so wonderful. There were approximately 6 flavors to choose from, none of them calling out to me especially. I chose Red Velvet (my go to cupcake when it comes to comparing bakeries) and Glenn chose Mint Chocolate Chip.

These cupcakes were forced to wait until Sunday to be eaten even though they were purchased on Friday afternoon. Sadly, that did nothing to help the awfulness that took over.

My Red Velvet cupcake crumbled instantly in my hands. Now I understand that waiting a couple days to eat them deteriorates the moistness and crumb of the cake, but these were just awful to begin with, I can tell. After tasting the cake though, it was clear that these cupcakes just sucked no matter what. The flavor was extremely artificial (ever heard of No-Taste Red food coloring?!?!) and slightly bitter. Very disappointing, and even more so was the frosting. Nothing is worse than expecting to bite into cream cheese frosting but instead getting terrible, over-processed, possibly out of a can buttercream frosting. For the first time in my life, I took a bite, spit it out and discarded the rest of my frosting. I was terribly disappointed with every aspect of this cupcake. Did Glenn feel the same way?

As expected, Glenn's Mint Chocolate Chip cake was also dry, almost to the point of being inedible. Remember we are taking into account that these cupcake were "consumed" 2 days after purchase, but it was evident that these were never moist to begin with. Essentially, the cake was flavorless and the frosting was lacking any serious mint taste. The pale green color of the frosting however was quite lovely.

I am terribly sorry Big Sugar Bakeshop, but your cupcakes SUCK!

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