Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cupcake Wednesday

Yes, I do know that it is not Wednesday yet. However, at work we have Late Start Wednesdays where the students can go in for extra help and the teachers can prep or have meetings, whatever, until 9:30 am. I decided that Wednesdays would be the best day for me to bring in cupcakes because that way the teachers who can't normally make it to my office will have time to.

Since Glenn started the Baseball Cupcakes blog for me, I have been making the recipes that he finds for Cupcake Wednesdays. Last week's was Philadelphia Phillie Cream Cheese Cupcakes (pictured below) and this week's was Cincinnati Red Velvet Cupcakes (pictured above.)

The cream cheese cupcakes were a big hit last week and I have a feeling these red velvet cupcakes will be well received as well. Unfortunately my red velvet was more like pinkish brown velvet. Whatever. If you want to see the recipes, head over to the Baseball Cupcakes blog.

***Update: Everyone ADORED the red velvet cupcakes. So many people asked me for the recipe. I had to turn a blind eye to certain returning customers who came back not once, not twice, but three times to steal another yummy cupcake.

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Shari said...

What a great idea to do cupcakes for baseball teams! I'm heading on over there next!

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