Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 2009!!!

Where on earth does time go!?!? Happy New Year to all. I hope that 2009 brings everyone happiness and success in the kitchen (and out.) Now, anyone who knows me knows my feelings on "New Years Resolutions." They are awful, vile devices that set you up for disaster. It's just too much pressure. However, that being said, I think it is a safe and rather reasonable for me to make a couple blogging goals for '09. Goal number one: take better food photos. Goal number two: update blog(s) regularly, and I mean like at least twice a week. Finally, goal number three: create and maintain a new blog that is more informational.

So far, I'm working on it. I've been off of work for the past two weeks so it has been hard for me to do anything but be lazy. However, I have created that new blog and added one post to it, so we will see about maintenance part :o) Anyway, do me a favor and check it out. I would love to hear any thoughts, comments, or suggestions that you might have. Again, Happy New Year everyone. I have a feeling this is going to be a good year.

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Carolyn Jung said...

Don't feel guilty for being lazy. You deserve it. In our fast-paced lives these days, I think it's only right to take a little time here and there to do absolutely nothing. Enjoy that time, and don't feel at all bad about it.

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